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About Me

Helena Houghton is a Freelance Filmmaker, Animator, Props and Puppet maker. Graduated from UWE in 2013 with a degree in Animation, her first experience of puppets was stop motion and has since fallen in love with all puppet mediums. 


As a freelance animator she worked on such projects as ‘Ella and the Blind Witch’ with Fazed Pictures and ‘King of me’ with Sons of Graham.


As a maker she has been part of such projects as Rusty Squids ‘Book Hive’, Prop making for The City Of Games ‘Isle of Cats’ and ‘Vadoran Gardens’. Props and Puppet making for Ash Farkas’s ‘Crypto Quest’ as well as making a race track for ‘Nintendo Labo UK’s youtube channel.  


A founding member of ‘The House Of Funny Noises’ formed during Covid 19 lock down to date we have made three short films ‘Belly’, ‘Worm’ and the promotional filming for ‘The Bristol 48 Hour Puppet Film Challenge’. With more films in the pipeline for the future both directing and in a creative capacity, she pushes to experiment with puppetry film. Embracing the weird and getting to grips with practical effects to make fascinating visual spectacles you won’t forget in a hurry.  

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